Class Descriptions 

Power Flow (JIP sequence) 

This practice is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste and is a set sequence called “Journey into Power.” This class is suitable for ALL LEVELS of practitioners.The sequence includes 11 energetic sections, is opened and closed with OMs, and is often described as a mixture of Iyengar, bikram, and ashtanga poses. Room temp is 95 degrees and is practiced with NO MUSIC for optimal focus, attention, and presence. 


Vinyasa Flow​

This practice includes fluid transitions from pose to pose, seamlessly linking body, breath, and movement. These classes are vigorous, yet accessible for ALL LEVELS of practitioners. Expect to build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing your body and calming your mind. Room temp is 95-100 degrees and is practiced WITH MUSIC to support an uplifting flow. 


Power Barre

A fun, energetic whole-body workout for ALL fitness levels, designed to an upbeat playlist. Barre classes fuse strength moves, cardio intervals, Pilates, and yoga. Expect to tone, define, and chisel your whole body with the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise. Room temp is 90 degrees. 

Power Sculpt

Vinyasa Flow paired with hand weights, body weight training, strength moves, and cardio. This is a total body workout for ALL fitness levels.  Classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group in your body. Leave feeling calm, strong, refreshed and rejuvenated. Room temp is 90 degrees. 


Power Beats 

Our Vinyasa Flow class, set to a lively playlist. Look for theme-based classes, like 90s night, EDM, Hip-hop, etc. Expect an energizing flow and come let loose to get fired up about the weekend!


Evoke Energy Yin 

Evoke Energy Yin Yoga is a style of Yin Yoga that infuses a variety of energy medicine techniques, alternative and complementary healing practices and is taught based upon both eastern and western perspectives. Postures are practiced on the floor and typically held for 3-5 or more minutes. As a result, the body is energized, encouraging a free flow of chi, prana, or “life force” of the body that often gets blocked or stagnant. Evoke’s intention is to gently guide you toward your own personal discovery of your innate ability to heal. Room is kept at a comfortable temperature (not-heated),  the use of props are explored and highly encouraged. 


Healing Flow 

This empowering and rejuvenating class is focused on creating space for natural healing of the whole self through moving energy, strengthening the body, improving balance, and releasing tension. Yin-like, relaxing postures to begin and end class, with a slow-paced vinyasa flow in between. A variety of modifications are offered, and use of essential oils incorporated to infuse a healing essence. Gentler than our Power and Vinyasa classes, and shorter holds than our Evoke Energy Yin classes. Accessible for ALL LEVELS of practitioners, and ideal for beginners, athletes, seniors, and pre and post-natal students. Room temp is 80-85 degrees.


"First time back doing yoga after a hand injury. Ended up doing the hot vinyasa and loved it. The instructor was amazing and the flow was great. Spacious studio with a beautiful view. Highly recommend this place."


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 I'm happy to report that I was BLOWN away by Love Yoga!  First, the studio is new and GORGEOUS.  The instructor was great and the music was awesome.


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