Access Our Playlists for Your

Home Practice 

Music is a huge part of what we do and we put a lot of love and time into carefully curating playlists for our classes. If you'd like to access our playlists for your home practice or even just to find that one song you heard in class and loved, then follow our teachers individually on Spotify. Don't have a Spotify account? It might be time to get one. You can easily get one for free and start listening along with us. 

Click the Class/Time for the playlist Link. 


9:00 am Sculpt- 2/22

12 pm Vinyasa- 2/8

5:30 pm Vinyasa 


9:00 am Vinyasa 

10:45 am Barre

5:30 pm Sculpt


5:30 pm Sculpt

Breathwork Class


9:00 am Vinyasa

4:00 pm Barre

5:30 pm Vin Yin


7:00 am Vinyasa

9:00 am Sculpt

5:30 pm Power Beats- BRITNEY v JUSTIN


8:00 am Barre- New on 2/13

9:30 am Vinyasa


9:30 am Vin Yin