At LOVE YOGA We are excited to offer All Yoga Apparel! We also have a lovely selection of our own branded apparel, for those wanting to sport something special to rep our Whitefish studio. While we know you can practice Yoga anywhere and you do not need a certain brand name tank or dope designer leggings; when you have the right gear -as us outdoor enthusiasts know- it can make any activity more easeful and fun! When you don't have to worry about what you're wearing or slipping on your mat every down dog you take, you have the opportunity to focus more on your actual practice.  When you have the "right" gear you feel supported, confident and READY to practice! 

Alo Yoga Wear

Downward Dog Designs

Another more customized and unique apparel line we will be selling at LOVE YOGA is Downward Dog Designs. Check out our in studio collection or visit their website for more options and information. This is not only an apparel line but it has a mission, vision and intention that speaks louder than just selling sweet shirts. 

Downward Dog Design’s mission is to drape their population with love and intention through mindfully designed, yoga inspired clothing.


The yoga philosophy is one built on patience, understanding, joy, self-worth and self-trust…all qualities slipping through the cracks with our youngest generation. With each Downward Dog Designs purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to an organization striving to bring health, wellness, yoga-based and mindful living practices to children.


The vision at Downward Dog Designs is that our society will welcome a school curriculum that includes yoga-based practices and health education to encourage our children to prosper in a mindful and loving world.

By promoting practices such as yoga-based stretching, intentional breathing and mindfulness, our children are provided with the tools they need to learn to reduce stress, lower incidences of bullying and violence, and improve school attendance and academic performance.

Next time you're in the studio check out our apparel lines including our LOVE YOGA branded gear, and props, and see how you can better support your practice through the "right" Yoga gear. 



Glyder Apparel

"First time back doing yoga after a hand injury. Ended up doing the hot vinyasa and loved it. The instructor was amazing and the flow was great. Spacious studio with a beautiful view. Highly recommend this place."


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 I'm happy to report that I was BLOWN away by Love Yoga!  First, the studio is new and GORGEOUS.  The instructor was great and the music was awesome.


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